What is Qasil Powder and does it really work?

What is Qasil?

You’re probably thinking what is Qasil and why haven’t I heard of Qasil before? This is because it is not commonly used by people in the western world and is not easily accessible to buy. It is mostly used and popular in East Africa.
Qasil Powder is one of the best kept secret amongst the nomadic tribes in Somalia. Qasil powder comes from the shredded leaves of the gob tree which is also known as Ziziphus Jujube. When it’s finely grounded, it appears as a green powder and gives out an earthy aroma. When you mix it with water, it creates a paste which is used as a face mask.
Qasil is considered as a natural soap because of its gentle cleansing components. Qasil is a 3 in 1 powder since it has the ability to cleanse, gently exfoliate and be used as a face mask. For many years, it has been a beauty ingredient for women due to its antibacterial properties and nutrients.
Did you know the name ‘Qasil’ was derived from the Arabic word ‘Ghasil’ which means to wash or clean?


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How is it sourced?

The leaves are collected from the Gob Tree in Somalia then dried and crushed into a fine powder which makes Qasil. So simple, yet so effective for the skin! We as a company are an advocate to one ingredient products, at Enzo Decarté less is more.

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Natural, organic and vegan friendly- is this true? 

Our Qasil is grown, produced and ethically sourced in the Horn of Africa. As Qasil comes from the leaves of the Gob Tree, it is all natural and grown without any external factors. While our Qasil has NO preservatives, is chemical, paraben and pesticide free, this allows our Qasil to be natural, organic and vegan friendly.


Benefits & properties

Qasil has many benefits you may not know of, but don’t worry we will tell you all you need to know. Qasil powder when used consistently can reduce acne & pimples. It also deeply cleanses and exfoliates the skin thoroughly. To benefit from exfoliating further when washing off the face mask, you can wet your face and then gently exfoliate after. If you suffer from dark marks & hyperpigmentation, Qasil powder eliminates these amazingly. Instead of stripping the oils from the skin, Qasil purifies and balances the pH of the skin. There are so many other benefits of Qasil, here are a few more:


🌿 Pulls out impurities and removes excess oil

🌿 Contains anti-bacterial properties which deeply cleanse the skin

🌿 Full of antioxidants which gives you a natural glow

🌿 From a plant derived humectant that treats dehydrated and dry skin

🌿 Tightens pores and treats blemishes


 Qasil powder is a classic beauty treatment used by Somali women for centuries. By using our Qasil, your skin will be protected from harmful chemicals and keep your skin looking supple.


Is it suitable for all skin types? 

There is a solution for every skin type (trust me…) and here’s how they’ll benefit you. 

For acne prone skin: Qasil contains vitamin C which aids in regulating sebum, this helps to prevent and decrease any inflammation you may have. Due to the high content in vitamin C, this makes it a brightening agent. Qasil is strong in anti-bacterial properties killing off micro-organisms that cause acne. The Qasil has the ability to fight and prevent the bacterial infection from forming on the skin like acne. 

For oily skin: As the Qasil powder balances the pH of the skin, it gets rid of the excess oil that your skin formulates without stripping your skin from its natural oils. It also tightens the pores, allowing breakouts to be prevented and treated.


For dry skin: Let’s be honest no one likes to look dry! But lucky for you Qasil helps you keep moisturised. How you may ask? Well, the leaves from the Gob Tree produces a layer of wax which helps protect and moisturise the skin from dryness. Because of the texture of Qasil, this makes a great exfoliant to get rid of dead skin cells leaving your skin soft and supple.  


For sensitive skin: Qasil is full of healing properties and antioxidants that gives the ability to help the skin fight sun damage. It helps to nourish, soothe and contains essential vitamins that aids in rejuvenating the skin.  


What is there not to love about Qasil? Honestly, it’s AMAZING!


How to use & mix

 Qasil is quick and easy to make. Here is how you make it: 

🌿 Ensure your skin is freshly cleansed before putting Qasil on your face 

🌿 Mix 1 teaspoon of Qasil powder with equal parts of water until the consistency is jelly like 

 🌿 Apply to your face and let the mask dry 

🌿 Wash off the mask and moisturise your skin


It’s that simple and you can use this mask 1-2x a week!

Always make sure you make the right amount for your face, according to our instructions. Do not use the remains for another day’s use nor store in the fridge, please dispose of it. As our Qasil is 100% organic with no preservatives, once water is added, there is a possibility bacteria may grow, so only mix the right amount you need at a time. 

Once the Qasil is opened the shelf life lasts for 12 months.


So, there you have it! An affordable and natural skincare remedy that can help you with common skincare issues. Qasil is just amazing for everything that has to do with your skin. Using it consistently will leave your skin feeling smooth, supple and help with acne and scarring. The REAL question is why would you not want to use it? It is very versatile to suit your skincare needs and both genders can use it… try it out for yourself and let us know what you think. You won’t regret it. 

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